LSDREAMS, is a competition organised by LaSalle Universities worldwide, it consists of 4 different fields ; Architecture, Engineering , Health and Business Adminstration. There was 24 teams and only 4 won we were one of those 4 representing not only our school but also the whole continent.
This is a resume of all what we did in those amazing 4 days in Barcelona.


Day 1

We arrived at 4 P.M after a 5 hours and a half flight, LaSalle team received us at the airport Mme.Maria , M. Felix and M. Paulo Tacchi the president of ASSEDIL. We went to the airport to put our luggage, then LaSalle team took us on a visit to Sagrada Famillia, a spectacular church, they have started building it 140 years ago and they haven’t finished it yet, it was amazing and miraculous. At 10 P.M we got back to the hotel to have dinner with M. Felix and M.Paulo. After dinner we had a quick walk in Barcelona then we went to sleep.

Day 2

we woke up early, had breakfast then we headed to La Lambra in P. Cataluña, the main street in Barcelona we went shopping and bought some souvenirs, we got back to the hotel changed our clothes then we went to LaSalle University know to meet up with the other team we got to know them, a team from Alcoy another one from Almeria and the last one from Jerusalem, we had a quick snack then each team had to present his project briefly. After that there was the award ceremony, our team took the first place in health category and we received our awards. We took a bus tour in Barcelona and watched many amazing monuments in Barcelona, Stunning natural views and a spectacular fountain that we can’t forget. After that we took the bus back to the hotel to have dinner with all of the teams after the dinner we took a walk in Barclona with the other teams then we headed back to the hotel and had our rest of sleep

Day 3

We woke up early and had breakfast in the hotel and then we went to Camp Nou by bus , the home of Barcelona Football Club, we got into the stadium and then we entered the Camp Nou Museum, we saw all the trophies of Barcelona FC and all of Messi’s Golden Balls and Golden Boots. Then we went to The Olympic Village to take lunch, after lunch we went to the Gothic quarter in Barcelona, it was amazing old buildings and cathedrals, we saw the culture of the Goths. We saw musicians playing in the streets and break dancers. Then we went to have the farewell dinner in a restaurant, after the dinner we went to have a celebration party with all of the teams and we got back to the hotel after that and went to sleep

Day 4

We woke up early, we said farewell to the other teams but we’ll keep contact. We headed to the airport and took 3 airplanes; Barcelona → Madrid , Madrid → Cairo and Cairo → Alexandria. We finally got back to our home after an amazing unforgettable trip.

Mr. Ahmed Refaat
Ahmed Asser Wahdan
Karim Magdy
Mamdouh Saber

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